Powered Flight Music is run by musicians. Active, gigging performers who use our own services on a daily basis.

Constantly testing and refining the services we provide, We are a small team with a large contact base of trusted industry contacts who help us to provide everything you need under one roof.

We chose to start doing this so that other musicians can focus on their creativity and to allow each other to do the same. We make sure that you can spend as much time as possible being artistic.


In the studio

Powered Flight Music provides creative studio solutions for a wide variety of clients. Song writing and arrangement,  equipment provision, session performers, demoing, full album production and location recording are some of the services we've provided our clients.

On the Road

With the help of our trused allies, Powered Flight Music is able to provide cost-effective touring services in the UK and Europe. Engineers, Tour Managers,  Drivers and Crew, PA and Backline, Logistics planning and Vehicles are all available to you through us!

At The Office

Powered Flight Music books successful tours, schedules whole album productions and provides artist and development solutions and has done so for almost ten years. We work closely with other agents, managers and event organisers to make sure get what they need.