Powered Flight Music | Recording & Production

From the initial writing and arranging stages, right the way through to mastering, artwork and replication, We have the skills and contacts to make your recording project the best it can possibly be.

Studio Production

With studio production facilities in-house and strong professional links to several other studios across the UK, Powered Flight Music has over ten years of experience and training in Studio Production, Writing, Arranging and Recording. Cherry pick the serivces you require from ground-up full album production to basic demoing.

Co-Writing, Arranging and A&R are some of our specialities and have helped us to produce a number of 4* and 5* albums over the years.

Mixing, post-production and remixing services can give your album the extra pair of ears your album might need to help it get the credit it deserves.

Clients include Richard Hawley, Nancy Kerr, Eliza Carthy & The Dovetail Trio

Location Recording

Powered Flight Music's recording facilities are fully portable.

Many of our Clients have preferred, particularly in the demoing and pre-production phases, to work in the comfort of their own spaces. We also have access to several fantastic residential spaces around the coutry that have helped artists to focus and create some of their best work in beautiful, stress-free surroundings.

Powered Flight Music has the ablility to provide descreet live recording solutions. We have recorded live albums and multi-tracked tours for demoing puropeses and everything inbetween!

Clients include Shake the Chains, Simpson, Cutting & Kerr and The Park Bench Social Club

Session work

Powered Flight Music is run by musicians. Musicians who love to play! Combined with our friendly list of regular clients, We are able to offer in-house and on-location session recording services.

Be it Drum, Bass, Guitar or Keyboard tracks, Backing Vocals, Strings or Brass, Extra percussion, Synth Programming, Banjo, Mandolin, Pedal Steel.... You name it!

We work with some of the best musicians we know who have worked with some of the best artists you can think of! We have a large sellection of instruments in-house to get the best sounds we can for you.

Clients include Elly Lucas, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar and Ollie King