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Nancy Kerr's "Instar" Album

| Full Production by Powered Flight Music |

“’Instar’ is not merely good, it’s vital, visceral and urgent –  balm for our woes, hope for our future: an essential companion for these turbulent times.” Folk Radio UK

“Kerr’s unorthodox, intriguing songwriting, captivatingly beautiful voice and fabulous band make ‘Instar’ an absolute masterpiece which is not to be missed.” Bright Young Folk

Rosie Hood's "The Beautiful & The Actial" Album

| Full Production by Powered Flight Music |

"In some ways it’s an old-school approach, immortal songs allowed to speak for themselves with a minimum of fuss or artefact; but the production quality is admirable and the whole package assembled with obvious love and care." Colin Irwin, fRoots


Darlingside @ Oran Mor Glasgow 28th Jan 2017

|Tour Production & Sound by Powered Flight Music|

The Oran Mor has a notorious reputation for audiences chatting over artists, and it seems like this is going to be the case as the four-piece take to the stage, huddled round a one, single microphone. After initially being unperturbed, they hush and pay attention in stunned silence as the Simon and Garfunkel-esque My Girl, My Guy opens proceedings. The harmonies are immaculately dreamy, and every single person in the venue stands utterly in awe at the gorgeous sound emanating in front of them....

The ninety minutes that Darlingside are onstage flies by far too quickly. They leave us with the uplifting Go Back and Sweet and Low. Riots may have broken out if they did not race back onstage to beat the curfew for an encore of the joyful Fourth of July. They could play for another week, and would still be as captivating.

Darlingside fit within a genre where harmony-led folk has been done to death. The difference between them and their peers, however, is that they still do it in a manner which sounds totally fresh.... Seeing them huddled round one microphone just adds to the intimacy of the experience, and all four members seem to enjoy the set as much as the audience do. It might only be January, but Glasgow will do well to host a better show this year.


shake the chains @ The Mitchell Theatre Glasgow 31st jan 2018

Shake The Chains is I’ brain-bairn o’ Greg Russel (Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar), fa conceived I’ idea aifter scrievin his politics dissertation on I’ role o’ protest sang. I’ project puuls thigither 5 mechty fine musicians fae a’ the kinta ower; Tim Yates, Greg Russell, Nancy Kerr, Findlay Napier an’ Hannah Martin. Wi abdy on boar singin, I’ project linked I’ sang Tradition o’ Scotland an’ England throw protest sang – an’ fit a powerhouse o’ a show it wis.

I’ sheer versatility o’ I’ hale group shone through as abdy sung, an’ played one or mair instruments. Hannah on I’ banjo,viola an’ guitar, Nancy on’ fiddle an’ guitar ina. It wis sae lovely to see each singer cam igither an’ sing sangs they hae wrote or sangs fae I’ revival, which deals wi’ contemporary issues.

The wark o’ yon group is current, thought-provoking an’ profoundly important, bit pit across weel an’ in a lighthairted an’ at times humorous wey. The project tells stories o’ real fowk, in a genuine, honest an’ raw wey. I’d buy I’ album an’ see it aa’ ower again.