Powered Flight Music | Touring & Live

Be it a one-off show, a festival or a national or international tour, Powered Flight Music can facilitate every element of the process to get your music to the right place for the right audience.

Tour & Event Production

Powered Flight Music and it's affiliates are able to provide tour and event production services at nearly every level across the UK and Europe.

Booking shows, Route planning, Logistics, PA and Backline Hire, Drivers, Engineers, Merchandisers and Session Performers are just some of the elements that we have provided artists from across the world.

From simply needing a driver or Engineer for your tour to full equipment and staff provision for a series of dates or festival event, Powered Flight Music has the contacts to facilitate every eventuality.

Clients include Darlingside, Costa Del Folk, Edward II, Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band and Rosie Hood

Live Sound

With over twenty years' combined experience, Powered Flight Music's live sound engineers and their associated collegues have worked across the world getting artists sounding the way they want.

Front of House sound, Monitor engineers, System techs, PA and backline hire... These are some of the things that Powered Flight Music can provide. We work to the highest of standards regardless of the size or duration of the contract.

We source equipment from a number of trusted and reputable suppliers across the UK and has a pool of skilled staff to call on from all walks of life.

Clients include Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Martin Simpson, Sidmouth Folk Week, Jim Moray and Beautiful Days

Tour Management

Tour Management and organisation is becoming more and more important with Musicians' hectic lifestyles. We believe that it is essential to have proper tour management in order that performers are able to work to the best of their abilities from day to day.

From the planning stages to the late night pizza accquisition, Powered Flight Music provides high level Tour Management regardless of the size of the tours.

Accomodation booking, scheduling, route planning, budgeting and accounting are all part of the service we provide when tour managing. For smaller tours some of our engineers will act as TM as well.

Clients include Nancy Kerr and Darlingside